Financial Gain For The Poor


Finances; “defined as per the Oxford Dictionary”, “money as support for an undertaking”

Ok, here we go, lets focus on the word “undertaking” especially on the breakdown of the word “under-taking”, with the emphasis on “taking”. Money seems to be taken for a cause or project. Sometimes the project never comes to life. Basically what happens is that those who are “under” get their money “taken”. This in turn causes the rich to become richer and the poor to middle class to become poorer.

A Closer Look:

RDP2Houses that are built for the underprivileged are normally contracted out by the government to a building contractor who gains from the building of RPD houses.

The underprivileged person then gains a small house, usually built in haste with inferior materials.

So as you can see, the contractors gains financially and grows. The poor person with no skills gains a house, but further financial growth remains the same due to the lack of skills or education.

Remedial Factors:

Lets look at this situation in a different way. Take an unemployed community of shack dwellers who have been allocated RPD houses. Seek out one of the most astute residents. Teach that person all the techniques on how to lay bricks and build a small house – teach him well – qualify him!

Now we have one person in the community who is qualified to build – teach him further, make him a building teacher.

Seek out another member of the community – teach that person e.g. basic plumbing skills – teach him well until he himself can teach.

Now we have a second person that can do and teach.


Continue using the above method until there are enough people to build houses, complete with infrastructure. Pay them; it will be more economical than a building contractor and financially gainful for the previously unemployed shack dweller – who had nothing in the first place.


Utilise these qualified members of the community to teach others building skills.

communityNow we are talking; the government can supply the necessary materials and pay these poor people who had nothing, a small wage for their labour.

In no time the community will transform itself from being previously destitute, into a proud, financially sustainable community with real houses.


Allow these semi-skilled people to spill over into other impoverished community and let them show and teach. This method is similar to financial compound interest, and will rapidly spread throughout the country.

The net result will be financial gain for the poor at a reduced cost to the government. It will also prevent the poor from been exploited by unscrupulous contractors.

Anyway – that is some food for thought.

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